Debohuti weds Shounak.

 Date of wedding- 21st Nov, 2016. 

Venue- Filigree, VIP Road, Kolkata.

A Story from Baranagar....

Debohuti & Shounak had a lovely Destination wedding at Filigree, VIP Rd, Kolkata before a few months ago. It was a traditional Bengali wedding, for Debohuti lives in Baranagar and Shounak from Durgapur, both are Bengali.
They picked Filigree as the destination & everybody converged for this lovely,fun-filled wedding spread across Kolkata.
Debohuti made a phone call by following her Would-be, who called me first to cover both-side wedding ceremony. Verbally she said about this wedding. Finally Mr. De makes the deal. At least we met at Baranagar to attend the particular wedding.
That was a common Bengali wedding, but….it was really, really amazing….
The celebration began with traditional rituals….