Sayanti weds Soumyojit. 

Date of wedding- 18th February, 2017. 

Venue- Beliatore, Bankura.

A Story from Beliatore....

Sayanti & Soumyojit had a lovely Destination wedding at Beliatore, Bankura before a few months ago. It was a traditional Bengali wedding, for Sayanti lives in Beliatore and Soumyojit from Kolkata, both are Bengali.
They picked Beliatore as the destination & everybody converged for this lovely,fun-filled wedding spread across Bankura.
Sayanti Roy made a phone call by following me on internet, who called me first to cover her  wedding ceremony. Verbally she said about this wedding. Finally she makes the deal. At least we met at Beliatore to attend the particular wedding.
That was a common Bengali wedding, but….it was really, really amazing….
The celebration began with Sangeet….