My continuous lesson of living is PHOTOGRAPHY. I don't know, what pleases me. And this is what gives me the purpose of taking photographs. My Guru Atanu'da (Atanu Paul) helped me on my artistic side and to help mold my unique photographic techniques. My photography could be described as life's compositions with the panorama of landscape, the beauty of still life……

About Swarup Banerjee

Swarup Banerjee, candid wedding photographer who understands the nuances of a wedding day. His artistry is in every frame and it is clear how much he enjoys the connection with his clients. Born and raised in India, Swarup’s love of nature, food, and people were influenced by his surroundings. Warm light through a kitchen window, vintage linens on the table, jars of homemade jam, family and laughter, all became part of understanding imagery and the actual feeling of the moment. His years of experience and personable nature allow her to document the day in a very relaxed way. He puts clients at ease in front of the camera, and it shows in his subject’s natural, candid expressions.

My Mission & Vision

My mission is to provide superior quality photography that serves the future needs and wants of customers at the right price. The future is now with digital photography.
I specialize in capturing emotions of special life events and transitions with the integration of imagery. Use a photographer with experience, wisdom, maturity and character.
Why not the best?
Please allow me to show the best………..

My passion lies in creating uniquely personal, honest portraits of my subjects. I will work to understand who they are and how they see themselves in the process of

choosing how and where we will create their images. I will utilize my experience, technical expertise, and artistic sense to create images with lasting value and impact.